Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Mint

The advantages of Linux Mint would be that it is a well known operating system, not only does it provide you with the basic features that will be seen in other operating systems such as the music player, the filing system, calculator, etc. But also provides you with added features that you may not expect, such as Open Office, a program with all the office tools you will need, and Pidgin Messenger, an instant messenger service. It also displays a modern layout which is different to other operating systems.  The disadvantages of Linux Mint would be that for it would be harder to use for new users to work, it may be confusing for buyers as there are many different variations of Linux and users may be confused into deciding which one is more suitable for them, it is not as advertised or as popular as other operating systems such as Windows, therefore it may be harder to research and find answers to problems you may be experiencing with it. I think that Linux Mint is a fun, modern operating system, with professional features, and I would say that it appeals more to the youth and users that are confident in how to use computers as it may be hard for new users to work. Although it does contain professional programs that can be used in a working environment I don’t think that it would appeal to most Businesses as they would want to purchase an operating system that is simpler to use and that contains more professional programs.   

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